HIE-Bridge Health Information Exchange

  • Electronically locate, request and review vital information for treating a patient in a matter of seconds.
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  • Faster, more informed decision making in emergency situations.
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  • Coordinate patient care among multiple health care providers and facilities.
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  • Reduce unnecessary duplicate tests by reviewing previous tests completed at multiple facilities.
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  • Improve workflow efficiency – eliminates the need to call multiple facilities for patient records.
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Achieve Meaningful Use Stage 2 with             HIE-BridgeDirect

Connectivity can begin within

  • 7-8 business days for web portal access
  • 6 weeks for certified EHR integration access

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Complete medical information allows for better patient care and treatment

HIE-Bridge™ is a health information exchange(HIE), that provides health care providers the ability to locate and access key clinical information that is vital when making medical decisions. Through HIE-Bridge, healthcare providers have access to authorized patient information through a secure web-based information exchange platform.  HIE-Bridge is a service offered by Community Health Information Collaborative (CHIC), a Minnesota state certified Health Information Organization (HIO).

I just read the brochure we got from St. Luke’s. Wonderful idea — thanks to all who started and participate! My wife’s medical records are at several different facilities — knowing there is a central place that provides a list of where they are really helps!

~ David H., Duluth